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Aditi Rana

by Muskan kapoor

I always dreamt of becoming famous and being recognized as a makeup artist. For me, my parents are my all-time supporters and well-wishers. They are my greatest strength who have motivated me to go above and beyond. Honestly, their support and encouragement have gone a long way in shaping me as a confident individual.

It was in Dubai that I started my career as a makeup artist. I loved it so much that I was encouraged to take it as a career. In 2018 I came back to India and got enrolled in the MUA (Makeup Academy) and after a rigorous course of one year, got my certification. It was truly an amazing feeling.

Just like all other makeup artists, I also had my fair share of troubles be it at gaining followers or being recognized on a social media platform. But, good things take time and patience. So, one should keep going despite difficulties. Your passion will lead you to success one day.

My dream life is to be an entrepreneur and open my own Glam Studio. This is something that comes to my mind when I think of my future journey. I believe that everyone should also have a plan B, just in case the original plan does not work the way it should. Currently, I’m also working at an insurance company.

I deal with haters by ignoring them. That’s the best one can do. Do not give them attention. I think that they envy us because they can’t be like us, hence the hate. I believe in spreading love and kindness in the world.

A proud moment for our society should be the change in mindset towards plus-size women. It feels good to know that the industry is promoting plus-size fashion. The curves are beautiful, there’s nothing to be embarrassed about. I for one, love mine.

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