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Ankita Kochhar

by Gopika Shinghal

I am a formally trained fashion designer so, the inspiration to blog came from within. Also, my passion for styling ignited it further.

My page talks about comfort wear and is primarily about different looks one can carry throughout the day. I am striving hard to bring the real and relatable versions of ours (bloggers). I feel influencers should give time to the audience to adopt and adapt, so I post few times.  Also, I feel we should show the real version more often than the reel version.

I love how colorful and ever-evolving the fashion industry is! I am liking the way we have begun normalizing color and identifying and respecting body type which plays a vital role while dressing and accessorizing. Backlashes, trolls, and memes do affect me sometimes but the love I receive is way more and helps me overcome it within seconds. Sometimes these things even act as a source of entertainment for me and my family.

I always planned for a backup. I learned the lesson of having a Plan B early in my life. The beauty of my life is that presently my plan A and plan B are active. I am working at Design Circle and manage International Portfolios besides many other things.

Messy size fashion

Believe me, this discrimination should not exist.  Everyone should be accepted irrespective of their shape and size. However, the bitter reality is that from early childhood, we are taught about certain body sizes as the perfect size.  If you are healthy, you have the perfect body. Measurements can never define perfection.  We all should accept what we are blessed with because everyone is beautiful in one’s way!

Size doesn’t matter

I am super happy and proud to see so many designers having models and influencers of different body sizes. Be it a plus size or size zero, they all look fabulous in their way.

At present, my favorite designer is Rahul Mishra. I strongly believe that if you are determined enough then, ‘ Nothing is impossible!’.

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