by Gopika Shinghal

I am the founder of LE AMANAH. It is a platform under the management of A.B Consulting. It recognizes brands and industry experts who have made substantial contributions to the development of our society. It is the extra mile to recognize the efforts of deserving individuals, groups, and organizations. LE AMANAH will be hosting the upcoming Achievers Awards 2021, which aims to appreciate those who have contributed a lot to the local community.


Moms are great, wonderful, and strong. They can achieve a lot of things by being goal-oriented and driven. They can achieve a lot of things by being goal-oriented and driven. It is undoubtedly a long process but if you keep treading the path & keep doing what you love, you will eventually get there. Just be loyal to your work, be honest to people around you, love yourself, and keep up the grind. This advice is for all the women out there, trying to make it on their own. If you love and like what you do, then go for it, as long as you love your work. We all have our paths to walk on. However, with determination, focus, hard work, loyalty, honesty, and humbleness, you will gradually get to a place of success.

The best thing for me about being a mother is being able to provide my kids with the best facilities as they are growing up. They are my inspiration. I also believe that if I achieve success, they will be motivated to learn from me and do much better when they grow up. Being a mother is not an easy task. There are some rough days, but it is the most fulfilling job in the world. I believe that I am doing well bring them up. I suggest all moms out there to keep working towards their dreams & aspirations.


I faced a few hurdles in launching my business. The biggest challenge was being a woman entrepreneur in a male-dominated society. When I began my journey, there was discrimination. However, I woke up each day with a positive attitude and kept focused, determined, and driven. Every day I ensure that my heart & soul goes into my work. I have chosen to focus on my capabilities & ignore remarks and thoughts about myself & my work. If anything, it encourages me to deliver credible work and accomplishment.

The journey for LEAMANAH is going great. We have held a successful event in promoting and unveiling our brand, a ceremony to unveil our icons and sponsors. So far, we have received positive feedbacks and blessings from different companies and industry experts.


Do not be afraid to walk on your chosen path. There may be humps and bumps that you will encounter but keep going because you will manage to get over it. This process will make you a better & a stronger person. Just believe in your abilities and take chances.

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