by Devanshi sharma

When its to the profession of blogging or me becoming a blogger the person who inspired me to do so was my mother. She is a person who will, was and is the inspiration for me. My mother was a Plus Size women even after having three children but nothing could take away her beauty, confidence, grace and I can just say that she is beautiful. The way she carried herself in front of everyone, the bold personality she having or what I have just because of her. She was my only inspiration I always thought if she can represent herself in public with so much confidence then why shouldn’t I. So my boldness and strong personality is just I have grabbed from her and I am just following my mother’s footstep.

My journey

See we cannot change society’s or anyone’s thinking, whatever you do or you don’t do, they are going to talk. When I was in school, I always wanted to be an actor or model or dancer, I used to talk about it a lot like “bade hoke mai bahot Badi actress banungi ya dancer banungi” and they use to laugh on my face saying, “itni moti ho tum dance karogi toh bhukamp aajayega” or “actor banogi puri screen mei nahi aa paogi.” They made fun of me a lot but that didn’t stop me, I was like “humesha se hi mujhe jo karna hai vo toh mei Karungi hi jisko jo bolna hai bole.” So I started making videos of my dance and short videos of my acting on dubsmash from there I started this journey and people loved it. They started admiring me, started seeing me as a bold and confident girl. So, I started this journey in 2015 and it’s just going on till now.

Experience with Backlashes and Hate Comments

you can’t even imagine what kind a comments and hatred I receive but people only talk about you when you are doing good. Honestly, I don’t give a damn about it because if I am receiving 10 hate comments and 20 good comments my focus will be on the good comments, so no need to listen to anybody’s opinions, just focus on positive things. Just achieve your goals make your dream your reality.


I never depended on Modeling because there’s so much competition in the industry, it’s never been my full-time job. I use to do jobs side by side. See, money is important and in Modeling you will not get anything until you become a top model or known face for brands, and even for modeling you need money to do shoots, for portfolio, for makeup and everything, you need to invest money on yourself. So yeah, I do job as well.

Messy Size Fashion

I am so glad because of Plus Size Models or influencers, brands actually started taking our community seriously and started making plus sized clothes .I still remember when I was in class 10th I went to Delhi for the first time, Palika bazaar is very famous there, I thought of buying a  pair of jeans, so I found one store and asked him for size 32 he was like “Mam itna bada size ka jeans nhi aata last 30 hi milega” I was very disappointed, so if I talk about change or Messy Size, It’s a big difference seriously now I can wear whatever I wish to wear, I don’t have to struggle market to market just to buy one pair of jeans.

Acceptance of Messy Size Fashion

People are going crazy about it especially plus size moms like now they don’t have to wear only saree or salwar kamiz. They started exploring themselves, they are trying new things, new outfits, they are participating in new trends, they are becoming bold, they are wearing whatever they want to, they started loving themselves and that’s what makes this Messy Size Fashion special and designers who are launching this messy size. You have no idea this is a very big change in industry, they have actually started thinking about plus size community. I am really grateful that I am a part of this community.

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