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Jeesha Chawdhary

by Gopika Shinghal

I am a Plus Size Model who was asked to give up her dream of being a model because I was on the heavier side. The dream I had as a young girl which was murdered by the society inspired me to go ahead and make the young JEESHA proud and prove it to all those out there battling their insecurities that are developed because of the ill mindset of the society. I always believed in myself but yes I did not have anyone to tell me it’s ok to be this shape so it was difficult in the starting but I am glad I never gave up growing every day as a model. The model has faced body shaming at a very young age and was bullied for her weight. The day I fell in love with myself was the day I realized i was beautiful inside and out.


As I always wanted to be a model I was inclined to fashion so I took up fashion designing.  I was always daring, experimental and explored fashions which lead me to start designing for myself and my body type, that was mine Baby Step!.. I did shoots of my garments on me meanwhile my other classmates looked out for models who of zero figures. In the beginning it was hard for them to accept me as a model ,But many people who connected with me and appreciated my efforts and work so I decided to go on and on without giving up and always stood up for myself and my dreams. I still have people telling me if I lose little weight I’ll make it big in the industry but what’s wrong with the way I look? I am beautiful, confident and so in love with myself.


Messy Fashion still has a long way to go because slowly I can now see brands coming up and finally designing decent, fashionable garments for Plus Size. It’s really a challenge to find good plus size clothes and brands in the market. But now since things are changing, I am happy that good brands are coming up and catering to all different kinds of body types. people are accepting Messy Size Fashion and trend.Finally we have clothing brands, lingerie brands for Plus Size. The market has finally become aware of real body needs and the body positivity movement has really brought a big change.”


 I had  faced body shaming at a very young age that crushed my confidence. The biggest challenge was accepting myself for who I am, for loving the body I am in. I did stupid things I starved myself as I was told I am not beautiful because I am not a certain shape or size. It took me years to accept myself, my body and tell myself I am beautiful inside and out. I tries to focus on the positivity and ignoring negative comments and how I can grow, do better in life, stay healthy and keep going on. My plan A is modelling but I have plan B also in case this plan hadn’t worked out, plan B was Fashion Designing. And the best part is, both my plans seem to be working really well. As a model I am proud of myself and keep inspiring others to not give up on their dreams and as a designer I want to cater to all body types so no one feels left out.

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