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Manisha prajapati

by Devanshi sharma

Manisha Prajapati is a well-established influencer who belongs to Jhajhar, a small city in Haryana. She underwent a traumatic experience at the early age of 4. She shares her experiences about it with us and how it helped her grow as a person.

She gives credit for her survival to her family, especially her uncles Mr. Subhash and Mr. Dayachand. As a child, she & her sister were hit by a sudden outburst of flames from a fireplace. While her sister suffered injuries on her legs, Manisha was severely affected. The accident caused severe burns on her face as well as her body. She had to undergo major surgeries and recovered with time. However, even after so many years, the scars remain.

She loves extra-curricular activities like drawing, dancing, sports, and singing. However, she was always discouraged to participate in such events by her school staff because of how she looked. She did try to raise her voice against such discrimination, but no one came forward to help her. Due to her burns, people were scared of her. Her life improved drastically when she changed her school and got supportive friends and teachers. They helped her excel in life and boosted her confidence.

Drawing interests her the most, and she always wanted to do something related to that. She established herself on Instagram as an illustrator and later transformed that space by putting her makeover videos. What started as a platform for her creativity became a space for her other talents as well. “Thanks for motivating me.” is her reply to all the negativity she gets.

Lakshmi Agarwal, an acid attack survivor, was a very impactful person in her life. She takes inspiration from Lakshmi and wants to become an independent person. She wants her creativity to be appreciated by everyone.

All she sees for herself in the next five years is growing as an artist. She has done many exhibitions of her artwork around the country, and they have helped her in emerging confidence. People have always been positive regarding her and her art. She cherishes the memory of meeting Sonu Nigam and giving him his sketches. She has won a lot of laureates in singing, dancing, and drawing.

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