by Muskan kapoor

My inspiration has to be my parents honestly, they’ve followed their heart in life, while doing the hard work, and I think that pushes me to be a personal best.

Scarlet by Nivedita is an online bakery with over 1000 clients, innumerable bakes and a Social Media Influencer. It’s a way of showcasing some different cakes and bakes to everyone out there. “I’ve also teamed up with several NGOs around the country to serve those in need. We recently worked with CovidmealsforIndia to provide food for covid affected families, free of cost as well.

It happened out of the blue to be honest. One day I had randomly uploaded one of my cakes on my Instagram and bam! I had so many orders coming in, I’ve had some mishaps too, I won’t deny that, there’s always a learning curve but the response has been mind blowing so far.

Being a young single woman
There’s always the question of whether I’m too inexperienced, some people ask if they can speak to my father or husband instead which is demeaning in its own way. Producers and sponsors have also had issues in backing me up due to my age and sometimes gender. But through it all, my family, my friends and all my Instagram followers have been a source of immense strength and motivation. It’s been such a beautiful journey. The lows, the highs, all of it, even the bad days, I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

We are in a time where women thinks they need to be in a particular size or according to them messy size people are less attractive. Although we are seeing great change on messy size fashion I think people have now started accepting it or we can say the acceptance for the same. The perception is changing which is a beautiful change. This is also making women more empowered and that is what the world needs.

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