by soumya dixit

Those who are born on 2, 11, 20, 29of any month are number two and ruled by moon.

Positive attributes: These people are very creative and the creativity they have no other number can have it. Also they are very sensitive, quite, emotional, unpredictable and doubled faced. They always share a sensitive corner to others and love to serve others. Leadership is not there cup of tea, they enjoy team work. They need support in their life.

Negative attributes: Sometimes they use their double faced tendency to hurt people badly. If they are emotionally hurt they don’t like to share any single details regarding the same. 

Advice: Try not to be double faced and over emotional and share your views and thoughts with others and seek their help. 

Lucky number: 1

Profession: Counselor, tour and travel, any work related to precious stones and kindness.

Color: White, grey

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