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Number 8

by soumya dixit

Those who are born on 8, 17, 26of any month are number eight and ruled by saturn.

Positive attributes: These people are ambitious, goal oriented and born with leadership qualities. When it comes to hard work no other number can win them. They have a great balance between their personal and professional life. Words like power, status and authority are all there not easily but definitely. Late achievers but great achievers.

Negative attributes: Sometimes they are very rude, arrogant and cruel. Sometimes they are intolerant.

Advice: They must learn to listen there wife. Green vegetables will prove to be grateful.

Lucky number: 6

Color: Black, Brown

Profession: Law, iron related work, politics.

Narendra damondardas modi ji current prime minister of India since 2014 born on 17 september 1950 has excellent qualities of saturn within him. He is one of the excellent example for number eight. Late achiever but great achiever.  

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