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Number 9

by soumya dixit

Those who are born on 9, 18, 27of any month are number nine and ruled by mars.

Positive attributes: People who are born with the energies of mars have sweetest tongue and this energy is hardly seen in other numbers. They are unique, always in hurry, discipline and intuitive individual. Their priority lies in helping people and to serve humanity but in return they may crave for appreciations. In many cases it is seen that these individuals get attracted towards sex easily but not to marriage.

Negative attributes: The biggest drawback which this no. can have is aggression and being overconfident. Sometimes they become arrogant to relationships which can harm them badly.

Advice: Control your aggression and maintain good relationships with other specially with your brothers.

Lucky number: 1

Colors: Red, maroon

Profession: Army, management, police departments.Tarot card reader and numerologist

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