by Devanshi sharma

The idea that fashion is for a fixed size inspired me to become an advocate for plus-size. I do not yet have the influence to target society. But my blog will gradually bring a change in society. I feel that even if one plus-sized woman is inspired by my choices and upgrades their fashion style, my job is done.

One thing that I love about the fashion industry is that it is ever-evolving. I also like its creativity and how it can blur the rigid boundaries of sex, color, caste, and size.


Thankfully, backlashes and hate comments that I receive are limited. These meaningless comments are usually focused on physical appearance. But I have been plus-sized since the age of 12 and have been ridiculed throughout my life. If I can handle negativity in the real world, then these comments on social media hardly bother me. The other tactic is that I have a list of blocked words for comments and a list of people who have been permanently blocked.

The Messy Size Fashion

It is a brilliant idea. I have always supported that fashion is for all body types, and I am thrilled that you are making it come true with your magazine, with creative ideas and editorial shoots.


People in India were receptive to the messy size and trend of the industry in the past. I used to rely on my tailor for any fashion decisions, but now I can easily shop online in India. However, we still have a long way to go because this needs to be normalized, which is a long process and yes, some people are always opposed, but it is a given that there are ‘log kya kahenge’ individuals.

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