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Shilpi Hiwale

by Muskan kapoor

Today’s world is all about being online, being virtually available. Hence I upgraded and brought myself on the Digital Platform.

How she started her journey

I wanted to approach people and bring positivity to their lives. With this in mind, I began my brand, ‘One Roof Universal Shop.’ I started a small-scale business. Generally, getting business from word of mouth, exhibition participation. However, Today I have launched a website and I am present on famous digital platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Amazon.

Challenges Faced

The constant difficulty is CHANGE. One needs to adapt to it. The sooner you adapt to changes, the better. Upgrading myself, working extra hours irrespective of the time is what I do to deliver the best. Explaining the concepts of ENERGY and how important it is to use the right product has been a challenge in my line of business. For example, explaining the importance of a saltwater bath is a task at times.

About her future journey

Upgrade and Evolve are the two main things in my journey. I want to establish my brand and visibility on social media and move my business on INTERNATIONAL PLATFORM.

Plan B

Plan B is always there. It is all about taking 1 step at a time.

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