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Shruti Raklahca

by Muskan kapoor

Being extremely talkative, I love to talk about life and share my ideas openly with people. Initially, I had no idea about Instagram as a platform that promotes influencers and bloggers, etc. I was so excited when I found out about it but, I had zero knowledge of blogging. However, I started by exploring the platform. Thus, began my journey.

I was self-motivated to begin this journey. Regardless of my size, I was fond of clicking nice pictures and being presentable. By attending a few plus-size auditions and events, I became passionate about the plus-size lifestyle. Some of my friends were great supporters and pushed me towards betterment. I started with local shoots and put some images on Instagram. Gradually, I began observing trends, blogging about plus-size choices. Lo and behold! I was showered with so much love on social media. I am grateful for my “Iturhs Raklahca” digital family.

Since we live in an orthodox society, it was not easy to become a plus-size fashion influencer. People have body-shamed me since childhood, calling me all sorts of names. S initially, I used to get extremely depressed about such comments on my weight. However, slowly I accepted my body for what it is and I made peace with stretch marks, cellulite, and double chin. I embraced myself for what I am and began with positive affirmations daily. I concentrated less on negativity and more on self-betterment. I kept creating content and soon reached 10K followers on the platform. However, the next day my account was hacked and I lost my progress. Refusing to be broken, I began my digital journey again and within one year, I reached 100K followers.

Future Journey
I have never expected something great out of this platform. All I wanted to do was motivate & boost confidence amongst many plus-size people. However, so glad that I’ve achieved so much. & I plan to continue doing what I love. My next step will be towards body positivity and lifestyle changes. So stay hooked.

Plan B
I have multiple opportunities to explore within the IT industry as well, as I am an IT specialist by profession. However, my perspective about success is different. Any small achievement is a success for me. There’s no plan B as such. I just want to say that whenever I’ll fall, I’ll begin again. Lesson learned- now to better times. I hardly care about follower number any longer, but more about spreading body positivity.

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