by Devanshi sharma

Being born and brought up in a traditional Brahmin family helped me to become an occultist. I started practicing tarot card reading professionally while I was still in college. I am  proud of myself that what I had achieved since starting of my practice. I had some great insights, Tarot card is a form of cartomancy use of these cards to gain insight of past, present, future conditions of an individual for any problems in a relationship, career and in many problems


There were no challenges as such. I have enjoyed my journey of becoming a tarot reader wholeheartedly. My followers have a belief that I am blessed with the knowledge of tarot.

 Honestly, there was no ‘low’ that existed in my life ever because my family is very supportive when it comes to me. My family and the Almighty blessed me with all that I want. After, 5 years of this magical journey nothing is left unachieved. From being featured in a newspaper to writing articles for media and receiving so many gifts and blessings from my clients, predicting for celebrities made it all extremely special! I feel so blessed.


It’s not about oversized people it’s about fashion. Fashion that can be opted in any way and can be carried in any sense… Everyone has an independent choice and can go for anything they want to pursue. However, people in our country are still receptive to ‘Messy Size Fashion’ because they cannot think beyond a certain level. But an individual should have the freedom to wear anything. Gradually they are going to accept this trend. In the end, it is not about being oversized but about the growth of fashion possibilities,

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