by Gopika Shinghal

My mother always thought that I should showcase my life journey on social media as it can inspire people. Hence, I started creating dance and acting videos during the lockdown on my social media channels. My main aim and purpose are to bring a change in how society thinks.


I have suffered from Hemangioma as a child. It is a rare and deadly condition. My biggest challenge was to beat it so that I can get another chance at life to pursue my dreams. After numerous struggles and self-belief, I won a new life and a new face in 2011. It was possible only after a couple of advanced and complicated surgeries.

After graduation, I applied for a job in more than 200 organizations. I was rejected by all these companies. Once, an employer gave feedback which shook me. He said that only a girl with a beautiful appearance can get a job at his firm. I was shocked as I realized the bitter truth that our society prioritizes beauty over talent, skills, education, and qualifications.


During the first Covid lockdown in March 2020, I uploaded some dance videos on TikTok. I got a large number of views and likes within a short period. As TikTok got banned, I had to begin from ground zero. However, I soon had a presence on YouTube, Instagram, and Moj.

The quality of content matters the most to the audience. People loved my videos on other platforms as well. I was encouraged to innovate and create videos in a variety of genres. At present, I have over 250 K followers on YouTube. I even receive innumerable dm’s and comments from people who are motivated by my videos.


Just like every other content creator, I too receive hate comments. Most comments are related to my facial features. But I feel that these are those who have issues with God’s creation. God has created me in a certain way, and I love myself. I chose to ignore these comments. My goal is to spread positivity through my content.


Thankfully, messy size fashion has given confidence to healthy girls to try out the latest fashion trends. People are now positively accepting plus-size fashion choices.

There are many positive examples of celebrities like Bharti Singh and Anjali Anand who are endorsing plus-size brands. Bharti is healthy, and she wears the most stylish and designer clothes. Even social media has positive role models like Instagram influencer SayaliValame. She wears amazing plus-sized outfits, and people love her confidence and dressing sense.

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