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Vanita Bhatia

by Muskan kapoor

Divalicious is a fashion & lifestyle exhibition with a global presence. We are a platform for established & emerging brands to showcase and sell their products to a larger audience around the world. My venture is the only exhibition to have a strong presence both in India & internationally. The brands listed on the platform have got access to a global audience.


I was the first in my industry to create a concept of exhibitions in Dubai.

The exhibitors were nervous about traveling outside India and uncertain if they would generate sales. In about a year, this picked up & I decided to take the brand global. We were successful in launching ourselves in most cities, and the ones that did not work out were a great learning experience.

Covid has also proven to be an extreme challenge for this industry. Just like others in the field, I have faced limitations to grow & sustain during this period. However, I used this time to be with my family and especially dedicated hours to my daughters. I also utilized this time to enhance my personality and academic knowledge. Now that things are getting back to normal, I am striving to achieve an equal balance between my work and family.


I believe that the ‘sky is the limit’ to measure success. Divalicious is my success story. From a vision to making it happen, I have loved every struggle & look forward to more challenges to soar higher. I am known to be determined. As a teenager, I took some impulsive decisions & over the years I have learned to deal with stress with patience and maturity.


Fashion is for everyone. A petite person could carry off the same outfit as a plus-size person. Sometimes the plus-size can carry it off better if accessorized well with make-up. Eventually, confidence and your personality make you stand out. I believe that people in India are accepting messy size fashion and other similar trends going on in the industry.

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