by Neha chaudhary

Every decade has its own story in life. Up to the age of 40 years, almost every one of us is doing hard work so that we could be relaxing in our old age, but for the fact we all aware about the health issues which start rising from the age of 40’s itself and we again start the struggle for ourself. There are very few who are enjoying their 40s without any health issues.

Common health problems starting in the ’40s are

  • Cardiovascular disease: – heart stroke, heart attack, blockage of veins or arteries
  • Diabetes, Thyroid, Chronic digestive issues, kidney stones: – Most of these are mostly lifestyle issues    
  • Psychological disorders like loneliness, fake imagination, weak memory, and stress: –
  • Dental or gum diseases: – These problems are really common with aging.
  • Mineral and vitamin deficiency: – These deficiencies cause hair and skin damage
  • Breast cancer: – As per records one in 8 women develop breast cancer after the age of the ’40s
  • Arthritis or osteoporosis or weakening of bones, Lower back pain  
  • Alzheimer’s disease or memory loss: – Alzheimer’s is one of the worst health risks after 40 years, and women should be more aware of it than men. However, dementia may enhance the symptoms. 
  • Hearing loss and weak eyesight: – Hearing and eyesight loss are very common in the early 40s.
  • Emphysema: – In this condition, lung air sacs are damaged, leading to difficulty breathing.
  • COPD (Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease): – this chronic disease is found in those who have smoking habits or live in air-polluted areas. 

Now what and how can we stop or moderate the chances of all the above and many more challenges during our 40’s? So the answer is of course we cannot stop aging but we can prepare ourselves by becoming more conscious and aware of the consequences of our negligence toward health. I am again reminding you that diet and lifestyle care is the spell for this magic to work.

As per me its never too late to start taking care of yourself, whenever you see the early symptoms, you must take that necessary step. In the early twenties when you are fighting for the bread and home vantage you should not forget that precious body, mind, and soul that helps you the most to achieve that achievement.

 Adding nutritious food (including proper combinations of major and minor nutrients like carbs, protein, fat, mineral, antioxidants, and vitamins) along with lifestyle, sleep, water, physical and mental activities are all the essentials that help our body-mind, and soul to recover or slow down the ongoing and future damages would be the savior in any diseased condition of old age.

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