by somwya sharma

Hey Lovely Ladies,

                                  We are back with one of the most interesting topics of all time, i.e., “BEAUTY”. People often think that beauty tips are valid only for the lean body but it is the right of every woman to look beautiful. So, today we are here to tell you the beauty secrets of one and only Vidya Balan. She is the perfect example of Indian beauty, and ageing like a fine wine. She uses only the natural products for her face and takes special care of her skin care routines. If you also want the beautiful ad flawless skin like her then do read this article by “EMPOWERING PLUS”.

Vidya Balan is one of the few celebs who is known for beauty with brains. She looks so flawless at the age of 43. She looks 10 years younger than her actual age, because she sticks to some of the mantras that she never forgets to follow.

She uses natural soaps for her face, and always carries kajal, hand cream, moisturizer, and lip gloss with her. She says never sleep with makeup on your face, always cleanse your face with a good quality moisturizer.

The first thing to do after getting up in the morning is to clean up the face and give a nice steam to your face with lukewarm water. It will help to remove all the dirt of your face, then dry the face with a soft towel.

You can apply a good face mask to calm your skin. Drink lots of water so that your skin can stay hydrated whole day which helps your skin to glow naturally. Also, do not compromise on your beauty sleep. Take a good 7-8 hours of sleep to keep yourself stress free and to lock the glow of your skin. When you are fresh and stress free it reflects through your skin as well.

If you have acne prone skin then water will work like a magic for your skin. Apart from drinking normal water, also allow yourself to drink coconut water which helps to enhance the natural beauty of your skin from inside. Also, you can use the aloe vera gel to get rid of those stubborn pimples.

Tomatoes are a magic pill that keeps skin blooming even without makeup. Never forget to use your sunscreen while going out. You may not see the difference now, but in the long run the skin will become dull, pigmented, with the lack of use of spf.

Invest in a Vitamin – C serum or a facial oil to keep your face tight, bright and pigmented free from the side effects of ageing. Try to use a satin pillowcase while sleeping, as it is soft and good for skin unlike other fabrics.

The most important secret is the diet. What you feed your body, will display on your skin as well. So, eat mindfully and try some healthy diet, good for your body and skin. For which you can also consult to a nutritionist. Lastly, compliment yourself everyday as you look in the mirror, that will boost your confidence and will make you and your skin happy from inside!!

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