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Fatshion Models : Get Clothes Out Of The Way

by Ashima Kinnoo

Why do plus size models have to be scantily clad to garner any attention?
It’s a question I often ask myself whether I am scanning fashion magazines or being approached
to pose for a bold shoot.
And no, do not get me wrong I am absolutely comfortable in my own skin. Also I absolutely
support the person’s apparel choice or lack thereof.
What I am not a fan of is shocking editorials with head-to-toe styling sans the clothes of course.
What I am tired of as a model is being told to show my curves during a shoot irrespective of the
What irks me are the numerous pages on social media sites having curvy in their handle but
being nothing more than glorified soft porn pages.
What I am not ok with is casting directors telling me plus size mein expose nahi kiya toh kaun
dekhega magazine.
Just to break this myth, we at Empowering Plus did an edgy, high fashion, glamorous and size
inclusive photoshoot.
I want to yell it out loud “ Fat Girls Can Rock High Fashion Too”

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