by somwya sharma

Hello Beautiful People,

                                          We hope you are killing at life. If you are struggling as a plus size woman, and it is difficult for you to accept yourself as you are, we are here to tell you how amazing you are. Do not limit yourself with tags like, overweight, fat, ugly, and so and so. Rather make yourself limitless with tags like, inspiration, tough, strong, confident. You are a beautiful creation of God, so feel grateful for this life and make every bit out of it. Gone are the days when everyone used to say that thin equals good and fat equals bad. Now the time has changed you just have to accept yourself and the whole world is here for you to conquer. Health does not mean choosing a lean body, rather it means choosing a positive life where you can celebrate yourself every single day.

 Life is not about or when you will lose weight, it is right at this moment. Everyone around you will encourage you to lose weight or will keep giving you suggestions regarding weight loss. It is in your hands how you want to lead your life because “YOU ARE THE PILOT OF YOUR OWN LIFE, AND NEVER EVER GIVE THE STEERING OF YOUR LIFE IN THE HANDS OF SOMEONE ELSE”

There is a saying, empty mind is devil’s home. So don’t just sit at home alone and torture yourself with your own thoughts. Go out, socialise, and show everyone how amazing you are, inside and outside. Meet people, make new friends, see the world, travel, you are allowed to enjoy who you are, live your dream life, follow your passion, fulfil your dreams.

The worst thing we can do is comparing ourselves with others. Everyone is unique and beautiful in their own way. So, no need to compare yourself with other women. Happiness comes from the inside. If you are unhappy seeing others, then you can never be happy with yourself.

You have got ample of time to try hand on your hobby. You can get many examples where people have turned their hobby into a full-time profession and are making a living out of it and live your life as you want. We should talk more about loving ourselves the way we are.

Beauty comes in all sizes. Beauty is the proverb of woman. So, you are the beauty, no matter what your size is. Go out, show yourself, be proud of yourself, love fully, the life is too short to limit yourself.

This life is a gift that is given to you, do not waste it by living it up to society’s stereotypical standards. Choose your standards the way you want and shock everyone by breaking and setting them high and high. Let people talk behind your back, they are back for a reason. Overcome and conquer your thoughts, then only you can conquer this whole world, which is so ready to hug you tightly. Go out and show the world your glow!!!

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