by soumya dixit

If any number from 1 to 9 is missing in anyone’s  date of birth and then how it effects  an individual in their living are as follows

Example: Someone is born on 2.02.2022 then  there is no one (1) present in the date of birth then the impacts are as follows:

1. Sun

Number One (1) is governed by sun.

These people are free from ego and find if hard to select their careers. They are low in self esteem and confidence. They are type of introverts and find hard to express their feelings.

2. Moon

Number two (2)is governed by moon

Such people faces problems in their relationship. There is lack of intutive powers in them because of which their life seems to be unstable also they live in their imagination or in imagatinatory world.

3. Jupiter

Number three (3)  is governed by jupiter

 Such people lack grace of guru and god. There is lot of problem that is seen in their growth and promotion and in thier self confidence and tends to get distracted easily.

4. Rahu (Dragon’s head)

  Number four (4) is governed by rahu

So, people who lack four in their dob, lacks stability of all sorts especially financial. They struggle and struggle lot for success sometimes these people become directionless.

5. Mercury

Number five(5) is governed by mercury

These people face losses in business. They

face problems in maintaining there own houses. Health problems related to stomach and back pain trouble them.

6. Venus

Number six (6) is governed by venus

 They lack good friends and luxury in their life sometime there is no support from family and love matters also seems to be unstable.

7. Ketu (Dragons tail)

   Number seven (7) is governed by ketu

  They are disorganized in everyday life and have no interest in spiritual matters. They find difficult to be independent.

8. Saturn

Number Eight (8) is governed by Saturn

  These people lacks the skill to manage and handle finance. There are endless problems seen in there life. They lack motivation and leave task unfinished.

9. Mars

                             Number nine (9) is governed Mars These people lacks reputation and fame, energy and enthusiasm and also there is lack of will and action taking power                     

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