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by soumya dixit

Those who are born on 1, 10, 19, 28of any month are number one and ruled by sun.

Positive attributes: You have inborn qualities of leadership. They wish to be their own boss and prefer self employment over working under any individual. They like to fallow their personal convictions and never to adopt the ideas of others. They are career oriented. When it comes to their marriage or love life they treat their partner in a royal way. 

Negative attributes: They have excessive ego, dominating behavior and follow their own ideas without listening to anyone.

Advice: Don’t be so egotist otherwise you may obtain defame. Be humble and try to take advice from others.

Lucky numbers: 9

Profession: Government sector, politics, engineering

Colors: Yellow, red

Those who are born on 2, 11, 20, 29of any month are number two and ruled by moon.

Positive attributes: These people are very creative and the creativity they have no other number can have it. Also they are very sensitive, quite, emotional, unpredictable and doubled faced. They always share a sensitive corner to others and love to serve others. Leadership is not there cup of tea, they enjoy team work. They need support in their life.

Negative attributes: Sometimes they use their double faced tendency to hurt people badly. If they are emotionally hurt they don’t like to share any single details regarding the same. 

Advice: Try not to be double faced and over emotional and share your views and thoughts with others and seek their help. 

Lucky number: 1

Profession: Counselor, tour and travel, any work related to precious stones and kindness.

Color: White, grey

Those who are born on 3, 12, 21, 30of any month are number three and ruled by Jupiter. 

Positive attributes: People with three energy are very good decision makers, knowledgeable and has unlimited creativity. Number indicates the presence of expression, imagination and spiritual qualities. These people have strongest communication skills and have the power to entertain people in several meaningful ways. Socially active and enjoy large circle of friends. 

Negative attributes: They are over optimistic, talkative and impatient. Ego problems are there with this number. 

Advice: Control your ego and don’t be selfish. 

Lucky number:

Profession: Teaching, doctor, banking, occult sciences. 

Color: Red, green

Those who are born on 4, 13, 22, 31of any month are number four and ruled by rahu (dragon’s head).

Positive attributes: This number carries karmic lessons. They are rigid and excellent organizers and have tendency to hide their feelings. Their practical approach will always win the admiration of others. These persons are highly successful in life. They don’t have an emotional approach to things. Also they have gone through worst in life. Their past is there biggest teacher and they drive their energies to make it better in future.

Negative attributes: Energies of this number is so practical and rigid that their relationship doesn’t last forever. 

Advice: Channelize your brain for better things in life and don’t get stuck to negativity. 

Lucky number: 1

Profession: Politics, tour and travel, trading 

Color: Shaded colors, dark and light blue.  

Those who are born on 5, 14, 23of any month are number five and ruled by mercury.

Positive attributes: People born with the energy of number five are independent, multi taskers and give greatest value to freedom. They have sharp mind and a logical tongue. Traveling to different places is in their blood. They are true motivators and liked by many people. Business is the area where no other number can beat number five. 

Negative attributes: They have a habit to jump from one profession to another, without ever finishing anything. They never get stick to one profession. Sometimes they become restless.

Advice: Have sufficient amount of sleep and eat healthy. 

Lucky number: 6

Profession: Education sector, business of any sort, stock market.

Color: Green, white, grey.

Those who are born on 6, 15, 24of any month are number six and ruled by Venus.

Positive attributes: Number six people are diplomatic and tricky one can’t catch them easily. They are loving, caring and take care of their family in best possible way. Family is their first priority. They love everything stylish, attractive and trendy. They get attention easily. Number six people have some or other quality within them which is magical. 

Negative attributes: Six people can be jealous, narrow minded and can focus on little details while ignoring the bigger pictures. Sometimes they are self centred, smug and arrogant. 

Advice: Don’t be over possessive and control your anger.

Lucky number: 8

Color: Pink, white

Profession: Music, dance, art and craft

Those who are born on 7, 16, 25of any month are number seven and ruled by ketu (dragon’s tail).

Positive attributes: They have an analytical approach and are great lovers of sex. Number seven people are loners and introverts. They don’t like busy and hectic life. Most of them are mentally unfit. Some of them are highly spiritual, mysterious and sensitive.

Negative attributes: They lie so much that one can’t trust them easily. They are back stabbers one should be very careful before dealing them. Marriage life sometimes seems to be disturbed. 

Advice: Meditation can be helpful and stop worrying about future.

Lucky number: 1

Color: Blue, golden

Profession: Occult sciences, translators, poets

Those who are born on 8, 17, 26 of any month are number eight and ruled by saturn. 

Positive attributes: These people are ambitious, goal oriented and born with leadership qualities. When it comes to hard work no other number can win them. They have a great balance between their personal and professional life. Words like power, status and authority are all there not easily but definitely. Late achievers but great achievers.

Negative attributes: Sometimes they are very rude, arrogant and cruel. Sometimes they are intolerant. 

Advice: They must learn to listen there wife. Green vegetables will prove to be grateful.

Lucky number: 6

Color: Black, Brown

Profession: Law, iron related work, politics.

Narendra damondardas modi ji current prime minister of India since 2014 born on 17 september 1950 has excellent qualities of saturn within him. He is one of the excellent example for number eight. Late achiever but great achiever.  

Those who are born on 9, 18, 27of any month are number nine and ruled by mars.

Positive attributes: People who are born with the energies of mars have sweetest tongue and this energy is hardly seen in other numbers. They are unique, always in hurry, discipline and intuitive individual. Their priority lies in helping people and to serve humanity but in return they may crave for appreciations. In many cases it is seen that these individuals get attracted towards sex easily but not to marriage.

Negative attributes: The biggest drawback which this no. can have is aggression and being overconfident. Sometimes they become arrogant to relationships which can harm them badly.

Advice: Control your aggression and maintain good relationships with other specially with your brothers.

Lucky number: 1

Colors: Red, maroon

Profession: Army, management, police departments.

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