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Avneet Kaur

by Gopika Shinghal


I am AVNEET the crown holder. There are many many plus size people who get ignored and just because they are plus size. I wanted to break that stereotype and prove to the world that true beauty lies within.

Me taking a step in this industry is an attempt to put an end to body-shaming and to make the world understand that plus size people are just as much a part of society as everyone else. I am beginning to see a lot of body positivity in people around me and people in general, which is the first step of mine in the right direction.

This industry has shown me that there are multiple ambassadors of body positivity and I don’t mean the celebrities, but the people in the world. There are many and they are looking for ways to spread that word to the masses to bring about a necessary change.


Hate comments and backlashes are common. People post hate comments to get their 15 minutes of fame. The best thing to do in this situation is ignore it and not let it impact you. Addressing people’s desperate attempts at getting noticed only validates them, giving them the courage to do it again.

PLAN B  I am a mother and a wife, my Plan B would still have been to make sure that my daughter understands that no one has the right to saying anything about someone’s body. Each person is their own individual personality or shape of body  and we should respect that. I still want to do is get fashion designs specifically for plus sized people making sure they get the same love as everyone else.

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