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Avneet Kaur

by somwya sharma

I am an aspiring plus-size model from Delhi. Based on my self-belief I won multiple subtitles on
different pageants, like:

  • Ms. Vivacious and Ms. Goodness Ambassador (Ms. Curvy Queen pageant)
  • 2nd Runner Up (Vogue Mrs. India International 2019)
  • Mrs. Beyond Happiness (Mrs. India 2021)

I am a confident, determined, and self-motivated person. Body shaming led me to question my
existence and meaning of life, but I inspired myself to take up beauty pageants breaking all
notions. My desire to break the stereotype that fashion is only for the thin built led me to
pursue this path of becoming a plus-size model.

I believe that beauty is subjective, and we all possess beauty. It lies within us. All we have to do
is work every day to become our best version. True beauty is nothing but your essence, your
values, and your principles. I want to grow in this industry to become an inspiration for other
plus-sized women. I also want to put an end to body-shaming done by our society. Slowly I can
see a change coming, and hopefully, it will be huge in the coming years. This industry has
multiple body-positivity ambassadors – not just celebrities, but also other people. With the
effort of all of us, we can reach a larger audience to bring a change.

Hate comments

Hate comments and backlashes are common. People post hate comments to get their 15
minutes of fame. The best thing to do in this situation is to ignore it and not let it impact you.
Addressing people’s desperate attempts at getting noticed only validates their intentions and
gives them the courage to do it again.

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