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Khushboo Sidhiwala

by somwya sharma


She started her journey when  scouted for pageant show in UK in 2010. I went to become second runner up for Miss Newcastle Upon Tyne Show. Later on was registered by UK model Agency which landed me brands  endorsements. Bollywood have always motivated me. The whole point of being in Fashion industry was Bollywood. I always wanted to work in Bollywood Movies. That was why I relocated to Mumbai, India from UK. 

Difficulties and challenges

In this industry she feel lots of difficulties and also so much of opportunities Innovation :The fashion industry in India always feel confident to accept the concept if its concepted in West. She think India itself is so diversified with shapes, color, fashion, food, & languages that we should be giving out concept but somewhere we forget to observe our own innovative ideas and end up copying. The difficulty is she always like to be part of Innovative ideas and not once its already in market. She always tried her best to execute and she still repeatedly failed. But she never loses her hope.

International project’s

International projects give her so much freedom and she love the way they do their work. At International Project they are very Free with their concepts. The mind behind creatives are not caged. They give every projects breathable time and have thorough research about it. They don’t compromise. The payments are very lucrative and there is a proper respect, recognition for Artist and their work. For example : ask anyone from India, they would be aware about supermodel of USA but wouldn’t be able to name one from India. (That’s the recognition I am talking about )

About work experience

She see lots of difference in her after she started her journey as a model and she love her work and she think that she is one of the luck person who wakes up looking forward to be at work. It brings confidence and sense of accomplishment in me.


After COVID 19 she personally saw that the Countries have become more self reliant with their talents. There was this one shoot she did, of which shoot location was in UK, the make up artist flew from USA, stylist was from France, photographer flew from Germany and she was from India. We don’t see such things anymore.

Professional life trolls

In this profession lots of people think that the girl who is a plus size is not worth for modeling and from my opinion it doesn’t lead me to depression but makes me a Professor. When anyone or myself is compared with other body shape, she always try to educate them that the perfect shape is a manmade thought process. We biologically or genetically can’t be similar shapes just like our face.

Work love

She think that  there is no going back if you are sure about your work/professional The first step taken towards your goal is already counted as success. There is no looking back. “Kehte hain agar kisi cheez ko dil se chaho … to poori kainath use tumse milane ki koshish mein lag jaati hai (I know bit dramatic, but after all Bollywood runs in my heart )

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