by somwya sharma

Plus size women have always wanted sustainable fashion too like everyone. If you are a plus size, then you must have been experiencing people strongly telling you how not to dress and what not to wear. Don’t try those horizontal line clothes, are the dress that is too tight, or too loose. Plus size women often think that are they the perfect candidate for minimalist fashion.

They frequently question if they truly want to be the minimalist fashion queen or they are just the unacceptable fashion icon. You can also wear clothing that is deliberately made. People often confuse themselves to distinguish between what is their choice and what is their only option.

Never forget that “there’s nothing more powerful than a fat girl who doesn’t give a fuck”. As this new period of body positive time, there’s been revamp amid sustainable brands. They are expanding their size ranges and also, they are bringing prints and patterns in their fashion for the plus size women.

From begging fashion brands to make minimalist fashion for plus size, to choosing options from many, we have come a long way in two years. The more you love your body, the more you will see how your own inside fatphobia was telling you to dress the way you are worthy of wearing.

Sometimes, people feel guilty to wear the clothes opposite of their body’s existence. The most authenticating part is the one where you wear what you want to wear without feeling guilty. Only then all eyes will be on you, while you are walking in to the room.

Do no think about what people say and think, just pull it off, and do it for yourself. When you will make some bold choices, people will hate. People are going to judge you no matter what you wear, so why not ignore them and live your life the way you want.

No need to just wear those monochrome colours, so that your body does not grabs attention. Rather wear colours and flaunt your look, and let them wonder how you are still shining.

“Particularly at the current time, given the present political and social weather, our act as a deep breath, and hopefully spread some joy to our customers! We don’t see why plus size bodies can’t have the same approval to joyful things as small sized bodies.”

Now-a-days, fashion brands are producing the fashion and style for plus size people, our society also need to change their mindset regarding the plus size women. They have every type of choice of clothing, which they can wear unapologetically, without any fear of body shaming.

The day when a “applauding” wardrobe would conclude to replete your hunger for dazzling, beautiful clothing was always going to arrive. So, what is to become of the ethical fashion minimalist? Nothing much just give it all you have!!!

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