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Colour correcting

by Shiny Vats

Colour correcting is one aspect of makeup that professional and makeup artist never forget, because the fine line, dullness and other serious issues like acne marks, under eye blackness, pigmentation marks looks very unattractive on face and dull out the shine of your other features on your beautiful face so correcting them this colour correctors plays a vital role. Let’s discuss some of the colours which can hide concerns on face:

Peach or orange colour correctors:- peach or orange balance out the blue tones well for ex: cure dark circles under the eye and the veins showing through or the corners of mouth.

Green colour correctors:- Greens hit the redness on your skin and very effectively used in sunburns, sensitive skin, broken capillaries, acne marks, or the redness due to rosacea.

Purple colour correctors:- lavender shades are generally used to even out yellowness or paleness on the face. The dullness and shallowness on the skin is very well tackled by this corrector.

Yellow colour correctors:- Again in this case you need to balance out purple areas of your skin such as bruises or general discolouration of the skin .

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