by somwya sharma

Hey Divas,

                     How you all are doing today? Plus size is a power which rarely anyone can handle. This power is given to you because you are capable of facing every challenge and embrace your inner beauty. Today we are here not to tell you how to look but to help you embrace yourself more. You should wear whatever you want to wear. We are here to help you when you get stuck aur are in doubt regarding your fashion and style. We have jot down some of the tips that will help you enhance yourself and make you feel more confident, the way you are.

Here are some of the tips for our lovely readers: –

  • First and the most important tip is “ACCEPT YOUR BODY”. Now a days everybody wants a lean body. We are not against of loosing weight but we are saying that love yourself as you are because you are your kind of beautiful.
  • Find the people, the influencers and get inspired with them. When you get inspire from someone else, then only you can become the inspiration for others. So, you can follow the people and get a help when you are confused about the style ideas.
  • You have a beautiful body, so no need to cover if up by wearing baggy t-shirts and the wide denims. Experiment with yourself and up your fashion game like a diva.
  • Accessories play a major role in fashion. Statement earrings, a bracelet, or a boho neckpiece has the power to change your style game completely. So do invest in accessories that matches your vibe and fashion.
  • When confused carry a wrap dress. Wrap dress suits every body type and is also complimentary. Always have a wrap dress in your closet, so that you can wear it when you do not have any option left with you.
  • Do not limit yourself by wearing limited sizes, always try different sizes. The sizes mentioned on the outfit can sometime surprise you, so try everything and then choose the best for yourself.
  • Next time you go out, try that crop top which you are shy to wear. Crop top makes you look stylish, you can also pair with up with a jacket or shrug. Crop top never goes out of style, when you do not want to make a much of the effort in your style.
  • Every color is made for everybody. Play with the colors, pair your fav denims with that colorful top that you are hiding in your wardrobe. You can also style one piece gown with a statement neckpiece and earrings.
  • Go to the salon and get yourself that beautiful curls. Do not stop yourself from getting hair color which will add an extra glow in your style. Or get a nice haircut and enhance your new look and your mood as well.
  • Invest in a good quality footwear. You can go with sneakers with your casual style and can wear heels with the party dress for your girl’s night.
  • Make A-line skirts your friend, they look so classy. You can also wear mid-rise or high-rise shorts as well, and stand out in the ocean full of fashion fishes.
  • Those days are gone when the plus size women were scared of wearing swimsuits. Do not hold yourself from going to beach, because of fearing of wearing beach wear. Flaunt your body and wear those sexy swimsuits.

Last but not the least accept yourself as you are, that is the only thing that can help you reach new heights in your life. Be confident in your own skin, confidence is the main accessory that you can wear anywhere and anytime. KEEP ROCKING!!!

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