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Kranti Guleria

by Muskan kapoor

The Almighty has blessed me with plenty of feathers in my cap!
I am a businesswoman successfully running my advertising agency since 1996.

Proud Moments
I am honored and blessed to be crowned twice. Firstly as “MS DELHI UNIVERSITY 1995”, and secondly as Maven MS PLUS SIZE NORTH INDIA 2018. I was very lucky and blessed to be part of the first-ever batch of skeet shooters in India in the N.C.R Air Ning.

I have modeled for many plus-size clothing brands. I have also been the MOC for many programs. For example, I was the MOC for the ‘3 day Sufi Festival’, which was attended by our former vice president Mr. Hamid Ansari. I have also acted in the religious film “Mein Deewani Khatu Shaam ki” along with the leading actors Pankaj Berry and Kul Bhushan Kharbanda. I am also a gifted singer and had the opportunity to share the stage with the famous “Sufi Singer Hans Raj Hans”  I have been very successful and patiently touched many lives, empowered them, and reformed them. On Aastha TV Channel, I have hosted the famous religious segment, “Amar Katha Omkar ki”.

Challenges Faced
Whenever you change things, you face opposition. Things were fine till my first delivery, but after the birth of my second child, I started putting on weight despite having quite an active lifestyle. There were always free advice-givers who spoke volumes about the extra weight that I had put on. To be honest I went into a shell and started hating myself. I started to avoid public gatherings and also ended up in depression. I stopped loving myself. But one fine day it was my mother who pulled me out saying – this is not the end of the world and that you were never raised to seek the permission of your self-worth from the world! This was a milestone for me. Since then, I did not look back!

Changes in plus-size Industry in 21st century
The industry has changed tremendously. There was a time when the Plus Size people were targets of jokes and trolls. From being non-acceptable to being ridiculed, we have step by step made progress in changing the perspective of society towards the plus-size community. The industry too has opened its horizon towards plus-size people. Leading designers are creating plus-line clothing. Beauty is not about a certain number it’s about talent and confidence.

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