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Women – The Brightest Stars

by Muskan kapoor

Since the inception of mankind, women are seen as ideal wives or ideal mothers. The confinement of a woman to the four walls of the home is considered natural. The family culture and their traditions still bound many women to come forward and live their life. The progress of women has most often been criticized. However, the personification of women has changed drastically over the last few decades. No longer does she see household chores as her sole purpose and responsibility. She is no longer limited to feeding her children and her husband. Today, women are challenging the status quo in an unprecedented manner and setting a new world for themselves. They have started to empower themselves with equal opportunities to become a woman of 21st century.

Once, she had no place in the outside world. It was not that a woman was stupid, but that she was not up to date with the activities of the outside world. For decades woman was oppressed and seen as an inferior compared to men. Their bodies were meant for reproduction and their minds were not sharp enough to understand the working details.

 With time, women have evolved. They are not held back in any field. They have been doing jobs that people thought were not for them. Women of today’s time have outshined men in not many, but most of the jobs and even sports. Indira Nooyi set a tremendous example by becoming the CEO of PepsiCo and joined as the board of directors for Amazon. In 2017 she was ranked the 2nd most powerful woman on the Forbes list of ‘The 19 Most Powerful Women’ in Business. She has been constantly mentioned in the list of the most powerful women in the world ever since.

Along with the focus on empowering women, it is crucial to provide women with the means to earn. With the successful implementation of social entrepreneurship initiatives and self-help groups, women are enabled to become leaders and make a mark for themselves.

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