by Suvadra Deb

 Balancing your Heart and Mind for a plus size confidence

“ We are looking for a model to fit in small size clothes, your stats will not”. This direct comment often pulls down the happiness of a women.  Thus we get back hunting for the best diet chart or the aerobic instructor who can help us minimize our size in the wink of an eye. Is that what we are for!

I say a No to it. We are meant to live our life our way. What matters is how you see yourself. Let not your heart hover your brain to pull you down. Pull up your confidence so high to not let general thought of people drink up your positivity.

Balance your Heart and mind to be a strong yet a beautiful person. Self-confidence is one of the most important part of emotional intelligence. A person who is emotionally intelligent has his acts together and display a positive attitude without being arrogant. Self-confidence is a positive and balanced attitude having to do with self-dimension. Emotional intelligence helps you have a balanced self-dimension. It is the ability to be aware, use and manage your own emotions logically to be stress free and communicate effectively. Studies show that people with high Emotional Intelligence tend to succeed and excel more in different areas of life.

Start Labeling your feelings rather than labelling people or situations. Identify thoughts & feelings and take responsibility of your feelings to help you make decision to achieve your goal. Don’t advise, control or judge people who invalidate you. We can only control what we do and not what other say or do. Tune yourself into an adaptable mode to have a problem solving approach. Always think first – the left brain is your best friend to help you with logic and reasons for your action. So, stop – knock your left brain once – then act. Be optimistic in responding to any comment that comes your way  – whether it is bad or good. Be hopeful and overcome failure without frustration.

“ It doesn’t matter who you are , where you come from. The ability to triumph begins with you always”- Oprah Winfrey

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